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My team and I will give you the best SEO consultation you’ve ever had, saving you a fortune in time and money. Hundreds of successful businesses from all over the world have made use of our SEO consulting services with great results. Our only limitation is that we specialize in English language websites only, unless you can provide content translation, which some of our clients do.

Your website has a purpose. It should look good, it should meet your visitors need, and it should help you reach your business goals. It should attract quality search engine visitors who actually do business with you instead of leaving and visiting your competition. That’s what we focus on when we offer SEO consulting services to companies like yours.

You’ve most likely found us through a Google search, or a referral from one of our many happy client reviews and we look forward to working with you!

We offer top quality SEO consulting, website design, SEO, conversion rate optimization, Google Ads and other services related to digital marketing.

When you hire us for SEO consulting, you’ll enjoy an easy to understand expert perspective, backed up reliable and clear data, that will lead to you reaching your goal faster and at lower cost.

All of our clients are happy with the SEO consultation they receive and recommended us to their colleagues, who then become our clients to. Most of our new customers come from referrals, and we really appreciate that. Feel free to read our many case studies.

Tulsa SEO Consultant
Tulsa SEO Consultant

Expert Tulsa SEO Consultant And SEO Services

When you hire us, we’ll start by researching your website and industry in great detail to figure out what needs to be done in order for you to reach your end goal. Every online business strategy is slightly different, so be careful of any SEO consultant who tries to sell you a one-size-fits all approach, because that never works.

When we take on an SEO consulting project we look at many search engine optimization factors factors that may need to be addressed, based on Google’s up-to-date algorithm and requirements for online businesses. Because each business and website goal is different, sometimes we’ll look at fewer factors, sometimes more.

It all starts with a custom video presentation from one of our expert SEO consultants. You’ll receive a comprehensive and interesting video presentation about your website including your current and potential domain authority, backlinks, keyword rankings, organic search engine traffic, bounce rate, average session duration (meaning how long someone stays on your website before leaving) conversion rate, revenue potential, competitor research, and much more. You’ll have a complete picture of what’s going on and what your potential is.

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do, in order to reach your goal. You can do it yourself, hire someone to do it, or hire us to do it for you. After you’ve watched our custom video presentation and read through any spreadsheets and PDF files we’ve sent, we’ll talk by phone or video-call to answer your questions and work out the details.

Some of the SEO consultations we do, lead to the client doing the work on their own. This is because they have the time and skill level, to perform the SEO services on their own, or they are part of a larger company with a marketing manager, entire marketing team or human resources readily available to take on all of the many tasks. You can also pay us a monthly fee and we’ll continue to guide you in your SEO strategy so that you remain competitive. If you decide to do this, we’ll also provide you with excellent monthly reporting.

By the way, SEO strategies are a dime a dozen these days, you’ll want to follow Google’s guidelines closely and work with an expert SEO consultant in order to succeed and not cause future problems.

We’ll design the most appropriate digital marketing strategy for you, superior to anything you can achieve on your own.

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Tulsa marketing

SEO Consultants Can Create The Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

Google updates their website ranking algorithm several times each year, which slightly changes the way the search engine works, so just like a car requires regular maintenance to function properly, so does your search engine optimization, it’s an ongoing process that never ends.

Most business owners build their websites to suit themselves only. They always fail in online business.

Smarter company owners design their websites to suit themselves and their potential customers, these people always do great and reach their goal.

The smartest website owners design their websites to suite themselves, their potential customers, and Google (not to mention other search engines!). These company owners reach and surpass their own business goals many times over and usually sell their companies for a massive profit.

Google has a comprehensive list of requirements and the list seems to get longer each year. It’s hard for company owners to keep up, and this is why it’s important to have someone like Overflow Cafe working for you as an SEO consultant.

Every week we hear stories from people all over the world who hired a cheap or inexperienced SEO consultant and that destroyed their entire venture. They then have to pay exponentially more to get their site fixed properly, plus to remove any Google penalty. Be smart, pay an expert SEO consultant to figure things out right from the start, so you can avoid wasted time and money, not to mention stress. You don’t want stress, do you?

Our team is incredibly good at SEO consulting services. We’ve been featured in over 100 respected trade shows, TV and podcast interviews. We turn down interview requests on a weekly basis because we’re too busy.

We’ve been nominated and have won awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, best Digital Marketing Agency in Ontario, best Advertising Agency in Toronto, and Top SEO Agency in Canada.

We have many wonderful clients all over the world who sell all kinds of products and services. We know what we’re doing, we won’t even take on your project if we can’t help you. And when we do take on your project, we work on it with 100% passion and dedication. We want you to succeed so badly. Whether it’s just a paid SEO consultation or an entire website design project start to finish, we’ll do great work for you.

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Tulsa Marketing Online

Proven Results Is Why We’re One Of The Best SEO Consultants

Once you hire us, the first thing we do is take a thorough look around your website.

  • What kind of setup do you have?
  • What’s working, what’s going wrong?
  • What top keywords do people use to find your website?
  • How many impressions do you have in search each month?
  • What’s your click through rate?
  • Average position in search?
  • What country are your visitors from?
  • What time of day are they most likely to take action, purchase or contact you?
  • What day of the week?
  • What pages do users visit the most vs least?
  • What pages do they spend the most time on?
  • What pages do they exit your website from and why?
  • How often do your visitors come back to to your site?
  • How many times do they visit your site before making a purchase or contacting you?
  • What technology do they use, for example Windows, Mac, Linux?
  • Are they visiting your site on a desktop, mobile, or tablet?

We would like to know your customers genders, age groups, interests, and anything else we can find out about them, so that we can optimize to reach them quickly and effectively.

I’ll look at the overall setup including permalink structure, redirects, compliance files and more. I’m extremely pragmatic and methodical so the work is just about as perfect as it can get.

SEO Consulting Tools We Typically Use For Each Project

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • LightHouse
  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • SimilarWeb
  • SurferSEO
  • Majestic
  • GTmetrix
  • Sucuri
  • BuiltWith
  • Answer The Public
  • Google Trends
  • Copyscape

Plus a few more! Different SEO consultant projects require different tools depending on the end goal, but the above tools are always my first go-to, and I’ll use some more than others depending on your needs.

Some Of The Many Things We Look At During Your Search Engine Optimization SEO Consultant Project

  • Your entire website, all pages
  • Content scores
  • Page structure
  • Your competitors website, comparable pages
  • Organic traffic
  • Google Ads (if applicable)
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword and traffic distribution by country
  • Organic traffic trend
  • SERP features
  • Organic keyword trend
  • Top ranking organic keywords
  • Organic keyword position distribution
  • Keyword intent

What You Get With Your SEO Consultation

  • Custom video walkthrough for your website (secure private video link)
  • Expert SEO strategy
  • Keyword research mapped out by most important keywords and monthly search volume
  • SEO audit
  • SEO recommendations
  • Content audit
  • Content strategy
  • Timeline strategy
  • Phone or video call
  • Much more!

The Best SEO Strategy Will Get You To The Top Of Search Engines Fast

After I’ve completed my exhaustive research and SEO consulting work, I’ll email you my findings. This would include a private video link that only you and your team can view, PDF reports and several spreadsheets. We’ll then talk on the phone or video call (your choice) at the date and time you’ve selected.

During the call we’ll go over details, I’ll answer all of your questions and really help you solidify your entire strategy. You’ll feel confident knowing the right way to go.

Our SEO consultants have seen more small businesses turn into medium businesses than any other SEO consultants in the industry.

If you need help in the future just book another consultation and we’ll continue from where we left off.

seo consultant
seo consultant

Search Engine Optimization Is a Long Term Job

SEO is when we rank your website higher in Google so people searching for your products or services will find you first and find you more often. Your site rankings will start moving up a few spots each month for different keywords until you are ranking very well. When your web pages rank well in organic search results you’ll get more website visitors, and those visitors will be people who are already searching for what you offer. Therefore, they are ready to do business with you. This article is about our SEO consulting services, so I won’t go into search engine optimization details here, read our other pages for more information about SEO and other important digital marketing topics.

Digital marketing, SEO consulting, website design, SEO, conversion rate optimization, it all takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours. Google updates their algorithm several times per year and so this is often an ongoing process if you want to succeed long term.

seo consultant
seo consultant

Conversion Rate Optimization Is Part Of Our SEO Consulting Services

You’ll notice that the video walk through we provide you also touches on easy to achieve conversion rate optimization points. CRO (conversion rate optimization) is when we optimize your website so that a larger percentage of your visitors turn into paying and repeat customers instead of just leaving your website and going to your competitor. We don’t actually optimize your website during an SEO consultation, we simply tell you what to do.

There is a definite difference between a website that converts 1% of visitors into customers and a site that converts 20%. The higher your conversion rate, the less traffic you need, which lowers your overall marketing and advertising costs. This is an ongoing process involving many steps that I cannot get into here, check out our other digital marketing pages where we go into detail.

seo consultant
seo consultant

Google Ads Works Better With Good Search Engine Optimization

Once your beautiful website has good design, SEO and conversion rate optimization, you can scale up your revenue much further by using Google Ads. Most site owners make the mistake of doing Google Ads first when they have not built their website properly, and have not optimized their site for SEO and CRO, and then they fail. When your website is fully optimized, Google Ads will be completely predictable and profitable with a big return on investment. Google Ads is complex. It involves a lot of skill and work.

Looking For The Best SEO Consultant? Hire Us For The Job!

Our goal is for you to be completely happy with our work and to work with us long term and to recommend others to us.

We have clients who achieve their revenue goal within 6 or 9 months, others within 1 or 2 years. It depends on many factors like the type of business you’re in, how many competitors you have and of course your budget.

The main thing is you’ll move forward little by little each and every month until you accomplish your goal.

Reach out to us here at Overflow Cafe if you’re looking for an SEO consultant.

Every day we help clients all over the world dominate search engine results pages. We have so much experience that we’ll help you reach your goal faster and less expensive than if you were to do it on your own.

seo consultant
seo consultant

Other Things To Consider When Hiring An SEO Consultant

Make sure that your SEO consultant has the experience and resources (meaning paid SEO tools) to actually do your project properly.

Make sure that your SEO consultant understands how to gather, clean and interpret data the right way so that your time is not wasted.

Make sure your SEO consultant has a good track record including case studies you can see before hiring them for the job.

Make sure your SEO consultant knows how to conduct keyword research properly, it is a skill that requires years of expertise.

Make sure your SEO consultant has the SEO knowledge required to do a thorough start to finish job, if there are pieces missing from your strategy you won’t reach your goal.

Make sure that your SEO consultant has experience designing SEO campaigns from start to finish.

Make sure that your SEO consultant knows how to research and prepare an SEO audit.

Make sure that your SEO consultant understand which technical SEO issues are important and which can be put off.

For larger corporations, make sure that your SEO consultant knows how to work with marketing teams. The last thing you want is someone who your team hates working with.

Make sure your SEO consultant understand the basics of business development.

Make sure that your SEO consultant knows how to do link building properly. Backlinks will be an important later state step (both internal links and external links).

Make sure that your SEO consultant understands how to analyze data in general, feel free to test them just in case.

If you’re an e-commerce focused brand then ensure your SEO consultant understands the specialized needs e commerce sites have such as keyword intent matching!

Make sure that your SEO consultant knows how to implement their suggestions in a way that’s relevant to your overall business strategy. Remember solutions are more important than just random ideas.

Make sure that your SEO consultant knows how to create great content.

The main job description of an SEO consultant is to help increase your sales! Otherwise what is the point of search engine optimization if your revenue doesn’t increase?

Make sure that your SEO consultant can prove their expertise in search engine optimization by showing you websites they’ve worked with that have seen progressive growth in website traffic, specifically organic website traffic and not just paid search like Google Ads. Make sure that they can show you websites (like we do) that have strong online visibility and consistent business growth. SEO experts (like us) show the logos of companies that we’ve worked with.

Search Engines Will Love You When You Hire An SEO Expert Such As Overflow Cafe

The SEO consultants at Overflow Cafe can deliver incredible results to your business, saving you time and money. We’ve been an SEO agency since 1995 and have helped hundreds of amazing businesses. Get started today. We wish you success!