Most of our clients are succeeding in business

Most of our clients are reaching their goals


He started at $0

Jason started with $0 (actually, he was in debt with a negative net worth when he came to us) and no website visitors. He now enjoys 1,400 new customers every month from his amazon affiliate website and has a strong net worth.

She started at $30,000 monthly

Emma really didn't need our help when she arrived, with over $30k in monthly sales with her travel blog (a combination of selling her own travel products + affiliate sales). She was already ranking well and trending up so our work was easy and it didn't take long for her to scale up past $100k monthly.

He started at $4,500 monthly

Amit was already doing well before he came to us, with $4,500 in monthly sales he simply wanted to scale up, we rebuilt his website and optimized it for conversions, his sales are consistently over $125,000 monthly writing resumes and linkedin profiles. He's expanded his team to include two personal assistants and several freelance writers.

She started at $650 monthly

Sophia and her team make custom cakes for any occasion, you send her your request and she turns it into a cake of any size and shape. She started with $650 monthly sales. She now enjoys over 200 orders each month and over $750,000 USD annual sales.

Most of our clients recommend us


$1.2M Annual sales
“I'm a general contractor in Texas offering a variety of home repairs and most of my revenue comes from kitchen and bathrooms. I started with a score of 13% and was showing up on page 86 of Google. I was getting 16 monthly visitors and no customers. My website score is now 91 and showing up on page 1 of search for 7 important phrases. I'm getting 1,100 monthly visitors with a conversion rate of 17% (verified with Google Analytics). Customer quote requests keep coming in daily and the numbers go up or remain stable monthly.” (It took us 12 months)


$21K Annual sales
“I'm a musician in Ontario who performs at weddings, restaurants and corporate events. When I signed up with Overflow I didn't even know how to log into my website. I started with a website score of 51% which isn't bad and was showing up on page 19 of Google for phrases like wedding singer and musician for hire. I was getting less than 100 monthly visitors and almost no bookings. My website score is 91/100 today and I'm showing up on page 1 of search for 9 important phrases that all have to do with musicians fore hire (verified with Semrush). My traffic is up to 900+ monthly visits and I'm booked 3 to 4x weekly.” (It took us 18 months)


$100K Annual sales
“I'm in the UK and promote affiliate products, specifically various massage devices. I started with a website score of 49/100 and was showing up on page 11 of Google for my various products ranging from cheap to expensive. I was getting 145 monthly visitors and mostly no customers. Progress was reasonable each month and now my website score is 96 and I'm showing up on page 1 of search for most of my massage products. I'm getting 27,000 or more monthly visitors with a conversion rate of 6% (verified with Google Analytics) and visitors are spending on average 6 min on my site instead of 15 seconds before.” (It took us 21 months)


$65K Annual sales
“I'm Amy from Florida and I come to your home and personally train you so you reach your fitness goals. I works with people of all ages and fitness levels. I started at #419 for personal trainer in my city and I'm now #1 for that and other important keywords that gains me new customers. I get more customers from my website than any other form of advertising including social media so I've reduce or removed all my other paid ads. I started with a website score of 11% and now scoring 73%. I went from 35 monthly visits and no new clients to 500 plus monthly visits and as many session bookings as I can handle for now.” (It took us 18 months)

Some of our clients fail

We can't help everyone.

Failed Client #1: A man with no business experience purchased 20,000 adult toys and stored them in his house. He put together a crappy website and then signed up with us thinking we were a magic solution for his terrible idea. For the next 3 weeks he begged our team to “speed things up” to help him sell his inventory because his wife was angry with him. Then his wife started calling our office, yelling at us and demanding that we help her husband sell all of his inventory “right away”.

Failed Client #2: A nice young man saw a social media post where he could "get rich quick." He purchased the expensive "get rich quick" course which instructed him to purchase a pre-built website from the course instructor. The man spent everything he had on a business he knew nothing about. He signed up with us and within a few hours was asking us "when will I make sales?". We explained to him: probably never.

Failed Client #3: A lady frustrated our entire staff as she demanded help to launch not 1 but 21 different websites to promote 21 different print magazines she was launching in 2018. She had no business experience, no website experience, no magazine experience (other than she loves to read magazines) she had no money and no team. She wanted to know if Overflow could "bring her millions of paying magazine subscribers within a few weeks" and of course the answer is no! We told her the flat out truth, showed her statistics about the down trending print magazine industry and she got angry with us, called us racists, hung up the phone.

Failed Client #4: A man with a severe anger issue signed up with us. He invented a protein shake. Within 2 HOURS of signing up with us, he posted a negative review online that "he didn't make even 1 sale." We contacted him to explain that this was a long term process and that 2 hours is not enough to build a business but he simply yelled and screamed on the phone. We cancelled his account.

We love helping good people. You must have a good business idea to start with otherwise you will fail. These days far too many people throw together a junk website and think they’ll make a fortune in a few days, that’s not how life works!