Overflow Cafe Reviews And Case Studies


"Jeff and his team handle all of my website related tasks so I can dedicate my time to patient care. Needless to say, the quality of their work and communication has exceeded my expectations. My front desk team is also more content now that our website provides answers to frequently asked questions so they don't have to."

Before: $1,265,000 annual revenue
After: $1,955,000 annual revenue


"We no longer have to post ads all over the place to attract customers, thanks to our website which handles appointments and deposits. The SEO work done by Jeff and his team has greatly contributed to increasing revenue from our website. As a result, we are now considering expanding our services to other cities with confidence."

Before: 1-2 daily bookings
After: 15+ daily bookings


"Jeff and his team have surpassed our expectations with their website refresh and creation of engaging content that attracts new patients to our office on a daily basis. In fact, we are on track to exceed our sales goals for the first time thanks to their exceptional work. This is a testament to Jeff's team's expertise and dedication in helping us grow."

Before: $1,400,000 annual revenue
After: $4,250,000 annual revenue


HVAC Contractor
"In just one year, Overflow Cafe not only fixed our website but also delivered on all their promises without causing us any added stress. The results speak for themselves, we saw a staggering 380% increase in traffic and higher quality leads while lowering acquisition costs. Needless to say, our expectations were completely surpassed."

Before: 4-5 daily bookings
After: 9-10 daily bookings

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"From the first moment I consulted with Jeff, it was clear to me that he was an expert in his field. His knowledge and experience were apparent as he walked me through the numbers and strategies that would help my website succeed. As we continued working together, I reached the finish line I set, faster than expected."

Before: $450,000 annual revenue
After: $1,100,000 annual revenue


Residential Movers
"Before working with Overflow Cafe, our moving company was booking only one or two moves a week. However, after they implemented their strategies and improvements, we now book at least five moves per week. Our schedule is consistently packed and we are adding new staff to handle the work load."

Before: 1-2 weekly moves
After: 5-6 weekly moves


"Gone are the days of our office bulk mailing flyers and wasting money on ads to generate new patient leads. Thanks to Overflow Cafe's expertise, my website has been rebuilt and optimized for a multitude of great keywords, making it easier for potential patients to find us directly through Google search and maps.”

Before: $310,000 annual revenue
After: $825,000 annual revenue


"As a landscaper, I'm competing against people who charge much less than me and I got sick and tired of it. Jeff repositioned my website in Google search results in a way that my team is completely booked and we no longer have to haggle with customers about price. Business has increased dramatically with no signs of slowing down."

Before: $390,000 annual revenue
After: $1,600,000 annual revenue

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Insurance Agent
"Overflow rebuilt my website. This included not only refreshing the overall design and layout, but also incorporating a new logo, updating content with relevant information and keywords, integrating custom pictures and videos, and implementing an effective SEO strategy that keeps working."

Before: $70,000 annual revenue
After: $350,000 annual revenue


Pest Control
"We have enough stress to deal with on a daily basis. That's why we are grateful for Jeff and his team who have been taking care of our website with such expertise, care and dedication. Not only do they ensure that our website is always in top shape, but their efforts have kept us fully booked for years."

Before: $425,000 annual revenue
After: $780,000 annual revenue
Overflow Cafe review from Angela


Tour Guide
"Thanks to Jeff's website refresh and strategic targeting, my family tour business has seen consistent growth for over 5 years. Not only did Overflow Cafe successfully reach my audience, but they did so at a significantly lower cost than I had anticipated. We've expanded several times."

Before: $125,000 annual revenue
After: $750,000 annual revenue


Residential Roofer
"I didn't know what to expect when I reached out to Overflow for assistance with SEO. Their fantastic services went above and beyond my expectations. They contributed significantly to our overall revenue growth through their expertly crafted SEO strategy. Overall, working with then has been a pleasure."

Before: 30 annual jobs
After: 170 annual jobs

Google "family therapist Houston", our client is on page 1 and enjoys over 150 new monthly patients. Same thing for Seoul (South Korea) and Manila (Philippines). Do you want results like that?

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