We’re obsessed with small business success! Our small team is growing. We’d love your help in making Overflow Cafe truly special.

One day a customer who is starting out is telling us about their business idea, the next day a different customer who has been with us for a few years is telling us their amazing success story, and how Overflow Cafe was a big part of it. Most of our clients are in the USA and others are worldwide, but it’s not unusual for some of our local Toronto clients to stop by our office for tea. You’ll be part of some of the most amazing projects, from start up to success.

Your work here matters. People start businesses and risk everything in them. Our company helps shape our clients business plans and direction. We’ve seen many successes (and failures). We do this because we believe our clients are a success story waiting to happen.

When a person starts a business, they want to build something meaningful that will last a long time. We try to approach our work with thinking and care, and we want to work with people who do the same.

As a team member of Overflow Cafe, you are treated like family. Work is taken seriously and you’ll get opportunities to participate in creative projects. Compensation is generous and bonuses mandatory. Full health insurance and plenty of perks will keep you in love with your career.

No calls or office visits please. Email resumes to service@overflowcafe.com and it will be routed to the right person. We will contact you if we are interested working with you, and we wish you all the best in your job search.

Our amazing clients count on you for solutions

You’ll handle emails, phone calls, live chats and sometimes office visits. Some clients simply want help updating their credit card, others want advice about their website design. Some clients have launched a new product and want you to take a look. Others are hoping to sign up with Overflow Cafe and they have specific questions that are not answered on our website. You’ll make them all feel confident and happy with our service. What’s the difference between Overflow Cafe and our competitors? We actually care about our customers success. We go that extra mile, and that will make you a customer service hero. Starting salary $48,000.


  • 4 year college degree, business or communications speciality
  • Avid bookreader
  • Advanced technology skills
  • Several amazing references (your mom doesn’t count)
  • Ability to maintain healthy relationships

Thousands of clients, an office full of hungry employees, and the power just went out in the building. What do you do?

You’re organized, mindful of the details, and always on the lookout for ways to be helpful. You naturally take the role of facilitator and problem-solver, and you love to help get things done. You’re a logistics person who is equally excited about working behind-the-scenes to make sure an event runs smoothly as you are tracking the day-to-day details that make everyone’s lives more comfortable. You can manage a variety of projects at once, and you thrive on a busy schedule with many different kinds of tasks. It is especially important that you’re an expert with technology and ambitious about learning all kinds of things. You’re not just helping to take care of our office and staff, but also our thousands of fantastic clients! Your a servant, you’re a leader. Starting salary $75,000.


  • 4 year college degree, business focus
  • Operate modern technology at an expert level
  • At least 5 years management experience
  • Ability to maintain healthy relationships, even with annoying people
  • A fantastic track record with several positive references

Help make the systems that make everything run smoothly

Do you want to write mission critical code that enables thousands of people to realize their business dreams?

At Overflow Cafe, new features are developed by small groups of engineers, dreamers, and of course our clients.

Some of our projects are worked on for months – then scrapped, others are enjoyed by our clients for years. We deploy daily for features big and small, and encourage contribution to open source projects.

If you’re interested in helping us build a platform that is changing how small business owners start and grow their business, get in touch. We’d love to see your favorite work, whether it’s a side project or something you’ve spent your life building. Starting salary $104,000.


  • Minimum 4 year college degree in computer science, 6 years preferred
  • Expert at HTML, WordPress, PHP, CSS, MYSQL
  • Ability to take a project from start to finish with deadlines
  • Strong track record (we need to see your completed projects)
  • Fantastic references
  • You’ll have to pass (with a high score) coding tests