Join The Best Website Design Referral Program

Overflow Cafe offers one of the best website design referral programs. You’ll earn more monthly recurring passive income with us than with the other affiliate website programs that you currently promote. All you have to do is recommend us to your existing audience.

Our top affiliates have been with us for over 10 years enjoying a reliable monthly commission. Our clients are happy, our affiliates are happy and we are happy. Everyone wins!

Overflow Cafe is a digital marketing agency in Toronto Ontario Canada, serving businesses of all sizes, worldwide. Our services include SEO consulting, web design, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and Google Ads. We work with affiliates worldwide.

Earn A Generous 20% Recurring Monthly Commission When You Promote Our Web Design Services

  • Our high conversion rates means easier work for you
  • No commission limits
  • Smart tracking links ensures you get paid for every sale
  • High customer retention rate means you continue to get paid month after month, year after year
  • 365 day cookie duration is the best in the industry
  • Dedicated account manager to serve you including custom creatives
  • You can be proud to recommend us, we do great work
  • Payout method of your choice (paypal, bank transfer, etc)
  • Excellent customer support
  • Small business owners love us and so will you
  • Monthly payouts and easy to understand reporting

For each sale, you’ll get a generous 20% commission, monthly, forever, for as long as the client is with us. This is an excellent option for those of you want recurring income.

Why Partner With Overflow Cafe?

Our SEO agency has been in business since December 1995 and have served businesses of all sizes all over the world. We have affiliate partners who proudly recommend us to their audiences, small or large, with confidence, knowing that we do our best work for each client, so that they reach their business goals. Small business owners love our digital marketing and SEO services because our team consists of SEO experts who work very hard to see our clients succeed. It’s rare to find people as passionate about digital marketing as us.

Business owners sign up with us because we boost their search engine rankings, website traffic and help convert website visitors into paying customers. Everyone wins.

We don’t accept every affiliate application. You should reach an audience of business owners. The size of your audience does not matter, but the quality does. Send us an email telling us about your audience and we will approve your account and get you started right away.

The Best Website Design Referral Program

Are you exploring a website design referral program for passive income? Overflow Cafe offers a route for bloggers and influencers to capitalize on their current audience with ease.

The Best Website Design Referral Program

Best Web Design Referral Program Key Takeaways

  • Overflow Cafe offers a lucrative affiliate program with a generous 20% monthly recurring commission for each referred customer and boasts a high customer retention rate, making it an attractive option for affiliates seeking consistent monthly income.
  • The program provides a user-friendly dashboard with marketing tools such as simple affiliate links, custom promotional banners, SEO tools, and the ability to track performance through customized tracking links with an incredible 365-day cookie duration which is the highest in the industry!
  • Affiliates must undergo only a simple email interview process to join and have multiple payout options including PayPal, check, or bank transfer, along with support from a dedicated account manager, setting the program apart in terms of earning potential and affiliate support and affiliate satisfaction.

Overflow Cafe’s Affiliate Offering

The Best Website Design Referral Program

Overflow Cafe boasts a strong reputation going back to December 1995, backed by thousands of satisfied business clients and happy affiliate partners. Given this positive brand perception, affiliates can capitalize on it. Additionally, our affiliate program offers an automated system, which eliminates the burden of handling SEO tasks for partners. You send people our way, we do the work, you get paid.

A key feature of our affiliate program is the potential for substantial passive income. Affiliates can earn 20% recurring monthly for each sale, as long as the referred customer remains subscribed to our service. This recurring income opportunity is touted as more significant than what other programs offer. Do your research and see for yourself!

Overflow Cafe’s affiliate program targets a business audience, including:

  • Solopreneurs
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • E-commerce store owners
  • General website owners
  • Established businesses of all sizes
  • Startups

Getting Started with Overflow Cafe’s Affiliate Program

The Best Website Design Referral Program

Becoming an affiliate with Overflow Cafe is very simple. If you already have an audience of business people, website owners and entrepreneurs then simply send us an email telling us about yourself and your audience so we can get a conversation started.

In most cases we can approve you today and you can start earning today. The approval process is fast and simple.

Affiliates are given the liberty to select their preferred payout method. The choices range from PayPal, check, to bank transfers and international bank wire.

The Best Website Design Referral Program

The dashboard is simple and to the point, it tells you how many visitors you’ve sent to us, how many of them have signed up, and how much you are getting paid. It’s similar to any other affiliate program dashboard. It is designed to provide a user-friendly experience, enabling you to get the information you need fast. We can provide you with a custom affiliate link, banners, and any other creatives you need to reach your audience.

Affiliate marketers can also track the performance of their affiliate links by adding keywords to the end of their links (if you want) and monitoring clicks, leads, sales, and commissions in the dashboard. This tracking capability is vital for optimizing marketing campaigns and improving sales.

Marketing Tools and Resources

As an affiliate, having the right marketing tools and resources can make a world of difference. Overflow Cafe equips its affiliates with an affiliate link and a modest selection of promotional banners right off the bat.

Additionally, affiliates also have access to an SEO tool, a keyword suggestion tool, and can run website audit reports directly from their dashboard. These SEO tools can provide valuable insights into SEO strategies and help optimize promotional campaigns. Some of our affiliates use these tools, others don’t, both groups of affiliates are successful with us.

We can also help you with expert level keyword research if you need it.

One of the standout features of Overflow Cafe’s affiliate program is its 365-day cookie duration. This means that affiliates have a full year to benefit from their referrals as opposed to other programs that only offer a 24 hour cookie duration.

Our affiliate program also utilizes smart tracking link technology to ensure affiliates are credited for every sale. Affiliates can customize their tracking links with keywords to better understand and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Alongside the extensive cookie duration, affiliates also benefit from a high conversion rate. They are even supported by a dedicated account manager as part of the program’s overall benefits.

Earning Potential Realized

The Best Website Design Referral Program

We boast a very high long term customer retention rate. This means that once affiliates like you have referred a customer to us, you are likely to continue earning from that customer over a very long period time. We were founded in December 1995 and still have some of those same customers to this very day!

The Best Website Design Referral Program

Excellent Support

We provide customer support through multiple channels including phone, email, video call and in some cases in person.

Affiliates benefit from a dedicated account manager who assists them, including with custom creatives. This personalized support can be invaluable, especially for affiliates new to the program.

In terms of support, Overflow Cafe is in line with what most SEO affiliate programs offer, which is categorized as extensive support. If you succeed, we succeed.

Competing Website Design Referral Programs

When compared to other affiliate programs, Overflow Cafe’s program holds its own. The company provides a competitive commission rate of over 20%, which is higher than everyone else, do your research and see for yourself!

Is Overflow Cafe Worth Your Affiliate Efforts?

The Best Website Design Referral Program

You worked very hard to build up your audience of business minded people. It’s time for you to be rewarded for your hard work. Our affiliate program is well worth your time.

Achieving success as a seasoned affiliate marketer requires participation in top SEO affiliate programs like ours. We believe we offer one of the best SEO affiliate programs out there including SEO software affiliate programs.

With Overflow Cafe’s fantastic affiliate program, the potential for substantial passive income, high customer retention rate, and extensive support structure makes it an attractive option.

Overflow Cafe Offers The Best Website Design Referral Program

In conclusion, Overflow Cafe’s affiliate program offers a competitive commission rate, a user-friendly dashboard, and a range of marketing tools and resources. Affiliates can earn a recurring commission of 20% monthly for each referred customer, with flexible payout options and transparent reporting.

The program also boasts a 365-day cookie duration and smart tracking link technology, allowing affiliates to optimize their marketing campaigns and benefit from a high conversion rate.

Overflow Cafe’s affiliate program can be a lucrative source of income so we hope you’ll join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO and affiliate marketing same?

No, SEO and affiliate marketing are not the same. SEO aims to increase organic traffic, while affiliate marketing targets specific audiences through affiliates. Both strategies can be used together to boost sales and reach potential customers.

Affiliate links can impact your SEO because they are considered backlinks. While they can potentially benefit your site’s SEO, it’s important to consider the quality and relevance of the links.

What is Overflow Cafe’s affiliate program?

Overflow Cafe’s affiliate program offers affiliates the chance to earn a commission of 20% monthly for each referred customer that stays with the service. This program provides a great opportunity for passive revenue.

If you reach a business audience on your blog or social media then consider contacting us today to get started as an affiliate! Head over to our contact page and get started.