Plans that will help you reach your goals

Pay a one time fee to fix your website, plus a monthly fee to raise your rankings, traffic and revenue. Choose from one of these great monthly plans or create your own:


A basic "do-it-yourself" plan offering slow to average progress speed.


per month

  • Progress speed
  • Average (1x)

  • Services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Pay per click campaign


Our most popular plan, for those who are serious about great results.


per month

  • Progress speed
  • Fast (5x)

  • Services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Pay per click campaign


For leaders who want to scale up bigger and faster than the competition.


per month

  • Progress speed
  • Fastest (10x)

  • Services
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Pay per click campaign
All plans include these great benefits

What we will boost

We'll boost your entire website, your Google My Business page, and all of your social media accounts so that they show up first and more often in search results.

VIP support

Contact us by email, phone, and video-chat. Our team does amazing work, your business will benefit from our in depth knowledge and skill.

Progress reports

You'll get easy to understand progress reports, advanced progress reports and monthly email updates from both us, and directly from Google.

Traffic targeting options

Target specific audiences by selecting keywords, locations, age groups, #hashtags and much more. Don't worry, we'll help you with all of this.


We will help you with creating and optimizing your website and social media content including text, photos and custom videos.

Website audits

We'll audit your website as often as needed. We'll also audit your competitors to create side by side comparisons so that you can quickly outrank them.

Unlimited keywords

We will rank you for words and phrases that will increase both your traffic and revenue. This includes keyword research, content and detailed tracking.

Quality backlinks

We will build quality backlinks to your website. Each backlink boosts your rankings which in turn gets more traffic to your website.

Toxic backlink removal

Toxic backlinks are links from other websites that weaken your website's SEO. This means lower rankings and traffic for you. We detect and remove them daily.


We'll research and keep an eye on your competitors and industry so that you keep moving forward. Complex problems? We'll research till we figure it out.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence (A.I.) does hundreds of important daily tasks for your website, saving you a fortune in time and money. You'll see.

Much more!

We do hundreds of things for you behind the scenes to boost your website rankings, traffic, conversions and revenue.

Sleep well knowing that good people are taking care of your digital marketing

What is your budget? How fast do you want to see results? Answer those two questions and you'll know exactly which monthly plan to choose.

Entrepreneur plan: You will be given a very large list of ongoing tasks to perform in cooperation with us. It's time consuming but you'll save some money.

Professional plan: We recommend this plan the most, because we can dedicate the monthly hours required to deliver quality results for you.

Leader plan: This plan is for people who have larger, more aggressive goals. It allows us to go through our to-do list quickly.

Most website owners build their websites to suit themselves only.

Smarter website owners build their websites to suit both themselves and their potential customers.

The smartest website owners build their websites to suite themselves, their potential customers, and Google. Google has a comprehensive list of technical requirements. During our initial consultation we'll show you what needs to be fixed plus proof. If you make Google happy, they'll make you happy :)

You should be prepared to pay us a one time fee to fix your website, and then an ongoing monthly fee to boost your rankings and traffic.

If you have a simple website with 1 - 5 pages expect to pay a one time fee of $1,000.

Our most successful clients (like the case studies you see on our website) pay us on average $5,000 to fix their website.

If you have a complicated website with many pages, images, videos and problems you will pay much more.

You do not have to pay us for website fixing. You can fix your website yourself or get someone else to fix it, just keep in mind that the work needs to be done PROPERLY, please do not hire the wrong people who will do poor quality work, otherwise you will not see the results you want and you will cause yourself long term problems!

Every week we hear stories from people who paid a cheap, unskilled developer to fix their website, and that developer destroyed their entire business. They then have to pay exponentially more to get everything fixed properly plus to remove their Google penalty. Be smart, pay an expert to get it done right the first time.

We accept all major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, and bank transfers. We bill in USD.

No, you can cancel anytime with no hassle right from your account Dashboard.

Yes of course, please contact our team and we'll help you with this.

Google "Hawaii wedding photographer", our client is on page 1 and enjoys over 400 new monthly leads. Same thing for London (UK) and Madrid (Spain). Do you want results like that?

When you're ready to work with the right people, reach out to us.