Frequently Asked Questions

We do about 75 things for your website / business that all revolve around SEO (search engine optimization). Please read the How It Works page for a full explanation. In summary: we will make your website popular so that you rank #1 in search engines for your keywords and gain quality visitors who hopefully buy what you're selling. This takes AT LEAST 12 months. There is no way to rush this process.

No this does NOT work for everyone! After 12 months 6% of our clients do not see any results. 94% of our clients see great results. Most of our clients move up in search engine rankings every month, but you will not see traffic and sales increases until you get closer to #1 in search engines and that takes at least 12 months. We cannot help everyone but we will do our best for you. If you sell a good product or service we can help you. If you are able to stay with us for at least 12 months we can help you. If you understand that building a business takes years of time and effort, we can help you. If you are looking for magic or instant results we can not help you. If your business is terrible or already failing, we can not help you.

Every business is different. So every business will see results and progress differently, some take longer than others. Great results don’t happen overnight but you will see gradual, reliable results every month. You won’t be number 1 overnight. You won’t see increases in traffic overnight. You won’t see increases in sales overnight. Some clients come to us and they are on page 300 while others come to us already on page 3. So different clients will enjoy great results sooner than others. We will get you there if you are willing to invest the time. There is no contract but we recommend staying with us for at least 12 months, and any SEO company you go with will tell you to stay for at least 12 months.

We promote any kind of website. We prefer to promote websites that sell a product or service to a local marketplace.

- 67% of our clients offer services
- 28% of our clients offer products
- 5% of our clients offer only information or entertainment for free

- 62% of our clients serve a local market
- 38% of our clients serve internationally

- 99% success: If you sell a service within 1 city (for example Photographers / Doctors / Hair dressers / Electricians etc)
- 96% success: If you sell a service within multiple cities
- 92% success: If you sell a service to an entire State / Province
- 88% success: If you sell a service to an entire Country
- 61% success: If you sell a service internationally

- 91% success: If you sell a product within 1 city (for example Restaurants / Retail / General products etc)
- 87% success: If you sell a product within multiple cities
- 85% success: If you sell a product to an entire State / Province
- 85% success: If you sell a product to an entire Country
- 73% success: If you sell a product internationally

- 51% success: If you have a "info / entertainment only" website that does not sell anything

No. We focus on making new(ish) websites popular. And our greatest success rate is with people who are starting fresh. If you've already been in business for many years and your business is going down, chances are we cannot help you. Yes, we have been able to help many failing businesses but that is not what we specialize in. We want to work with fairly new, small businesses who are starting fresh and able to stay with us for at least 12 months, we do not want to work with failing businesses who are hoping we can save them within 1 month.

We do a lot for you but you will benefit from some of our actions more than others.

1) Advice: Our team of computer nerds can help answer your business and website related questions. We help you rank #1 but we also help you make MONEY which is why you went into business right? We will help you convert your visitors into paying customers.

2) Website Audit Reports: You can run unlimited audit reports which shows you exactly what you need to do in a easy to understand line by line format. We take all the guesswork out of your life and give you information you can use to quickly and easily outrank your competitors.

3) Keyword Suggestions: Our keyword suggestion tool shows you what your potential customers are typing into search engines and if you are still struggling then just contact us and we will do keyword research and tell you which keywords are best for you.

4) Keyword Tracking: We track all the keywords on your site and you can also track up to 10 important phrases across any country-specific google engine and see exactly where you rank, how many people are competing with you and how many people are searching that phrase.

5) Link Building: We reach out to 100 digital assets each month on your behalf. This typically yields 1-20 good backlinks monthly. Think of how much time you'll save.

6) Your rankings move up on a regular basis until you are #1 for your keywords, your products and services. This means more potential customers find you.

7) You gain website visitors because you rank #1

8) Because you gain a lot more visitors who are already searching for what you are selling they are more likely to purchase from you

Yes! We serve clients in over 170 countries worldwide. We can work with websites written in any language however please note: our staff only provides customer service in English and your Dashboard and account management are only provided in English. This means that if you contact our staff, we will only be able to speak to you and provide you with help in English so this might place limits on our service quality to you. We rank thousands of non-English websites #1 but we just aren't able to communicate with you as much.

Yes! We service all countries and any website that is legal.

SEO is one part of running a successful website. It helps you rank #1 in search results. Other parts of running a website include paid advertising (facebook / adwords / instagram etc). We will enhance everything you are currently doing and our work won't conflict with your other advertising. However if you already rank #1 for your important keywords then you do NOT need us so please do not sign up. We want to help people who need help.

SEO firms that charge hundreds or thousands of dollars each month do 1 thing differently from us: they write content for you and build website pages for you, that's why their fee is so high. They write your blogs and your pages and that takes a lot of time. Many of those SEO firms outsource the rest of the work to Overflow Cafe. We believe that you, the business owner should be the person writing your own content. If you don't care about your business enough to write your "about us" page and other content then chances are you'll fail anyway. We will make intelligent recommendations for you to consider to help you write good content, and you can make the website changes or not. You'll need to make those changes yourself, or we can recommend a good web designer to help you. Or you can leave your website as is, the choice is up to you and we can work with you either way :)

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa and MasterCard. We also accept PayPal. You will be charged automatically each month unless you cancel. Your transactions are 100% secure.

You can cancel anytime for any reason. Just click the cancel button on your Dashboard. We are also free to cancel your account anytime if we cannot help you move up any further or if we find you impossible to work with.

We are here to help you! You can log into your Dashboard / Account anytime to view reports which are updated daily. Our office is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST. We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and all Canadian holidays. You can email us. You can do a live chat with us. You can call us. We are very friendly and you will enjoy working with us. You'll usually get a response from our friendly staff during business hours and we actually care about your success. We typically scan your website everyday looking at 200 factors so when we speak to you, we are giving you scientific information in an easy to understand format instead of just our personal opinions. We are very passionate about what we do and we want you to succeed in business. 

No. We require the website owner to sign up with us directly. We like to call / email / communicate with the business owner directly. This leads to higher quality scores and stronger results. This works out best for both us and the business owner when we cut out the middleman. We can't stop you from signing up your clients website and many SEO firms do sign up their clients with us, our preference is to work directly with the business owner. We can't really stop you from signing up but please consider having your client sign up with us directly.

Some of our clients have dozens of websites and they sign each website up with us. We prefer that you have 1 website and focus on making 1 website successful before you sign up other websites with us. The reason behind this is simple: as soon as a client signs up more than 1 website with us we see the success rate for the fist website drop by almost 50% so trust us when we tell you to focus on building 1 business at a time. Would you rather have 1 very successful website or 25 failing websites?

When you sign up with Overflow Cafe you are gaining help from a team of qualified super-nerds who are experts in business, computer science, search engines and marketing. We are incredibly good at what we do and we actually care about your success. We are very passionate about what we do and we want to be the best at what we do. Our team has been featured in over 100 publications and we frequently accept (or turn down) public speaking events including trade shows, lectures, blogs, radio, tv shows and podcasts.

We know, it's kinda weird. Back in 1995 we started out as a home based business and when we got our first office at 100 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke Ontario most of our customers were local, so they would come over with tea, coffee, pizza, donuts etc. We would often feel more like a "cafe" than an office. Overflow Cafe is supposed to give you an idea of abundance and prosperity. Today most of our customers are in the USA, UK and worldwide. If we want to have coffee with any of you we'll have to do it over skype :)

No. Please do not sign up with us if you are already #1 or close to #1 because you simply do not need us! People sign up with us because they do not yet rank anywhere near the first page of search engines, and we raise their rankings little by little every month until they are #1. After we get a client to #1 we focus on maintaining their great results and converting as many of their visitors into paying customers.

Any website that is not currently ranking #1 in search engines needs good SEO. Any website that isn't getting the maximum amount of traffic that it should be getting needs good SEO. Any business that is not converting current visitors into paying customers needs good SEO. You already understand that every business needs a website right? Well every website needs good SEO. 

No. Every business wants to be #1 and that simply takes time. 12 months is the minimum number of months and if you do your research you'll learn this fact over and over again.

There are several factors to look into in order to determine how much traffic you will obtain when you are #1. When you reach page #1 spot #1 for a keyword / phrase most people will click on your link because most people click that first search result when they are searching. So how many people are searching for what you have to offer each month? If 10,000 people per month are searching for what you have to offer in search engines, then 10,000 is the maximum number of clicks you'll get for that keyword / phrase each month. So our focus is rankings, which leads to greater traffic and we also want to convert that traffic into paying customers.