Frequently Asked Questions

We work with businesses of all sizes, worldwide. Depending on your budget, we'll do this for you:

Websites: We will build or fix your website properly. Google updates their Webmaster Guidelines regularly and so just like a car requires regular maintenance to function properly, so does your website.

SEO: We will rank your website higher in Google so the people searching for your products or services will find you first and find you more often. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. Your rankings will start moving up a few spots each month until you are ranking very well. When your website ranks well in search results you'll get more visitors, and those visitors will be people who are already searching for what you offer, so they are ready to do business with you. Good SEO needs to be done first and involves many steps including:

- Setting up and tuning Google Search Console and Google Analytics including conversion tracking.
- Comprehensive keyword research.
- Technical SEO including structured data and website speed.
- On page SEO including website audits, content and meta tags.
- Off page SEO including backlink building, citations and maps.
- Much more!

CRO: We will optimize your website so that a larger percentage of your visitors turn into paying and repeat customers instead of just leaving your website and going to your competitor. This is called conversion rate optimization or CRO. There is a very big difference between a website that converts 1% of visitors into customers and a website that converts 20%. This is and is an ongoing process involving many steps including:

- Focus groups.
- Color science.
- Graphic design.
- User experience science.
- User interface science.
- Building up your website trust, authority and credibility.
- A/B testing.
- Industrial and consumer psychology.
- Press releases and mentions.
- Social media.
- Much more!

PPC: Once your website has good SEO and CRO, we will scale up your revenue much further by using pay per click and other digital marketing methods across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and many other websites your potential customers spend time on. Most business owners make the mistake of doing PPC first when they have not optimized their website for SEO and CRO, and then they fail. When your website is fully optimized, PPC will be completely predictable and profitable with a big return on investment. PPC is complex, it involves a lot of skill and work including:

- Statistical analysis.
- Data science.
- Computational modeling in behavioral science.
- Much more!

The end result for you = a website you can be proud of, that ranks well in search engines, that has consistent high quality traffic and a steady stream of new clients and increased revenue. When we finish our entire process we focus on maintaining your great results.

Websites: We can fix your website about 30 days in most cases, as long as you are not constantly requesting more changes.

SEO: After your website is in good shape you will see monthly upward ranking progress. First comes a fixed website, then rankings, then traffic, finally revenue and from there you can quickly scale up. SEO is a slow process so do expect to move up a few spots every month, but don't expect to be number one until at least a year.

CRO: Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process that never really ends, we are always fine tuning to increase the percentage of people who do business with you instead of leaving your website. So for example on day 1 your conversion rate might be 1% (meaning 1 out of every 100 visitors becomes your customer). Your conversion rate will go up to 2, 3, 4, 5% etc until it cannot go up anymore.

PPC: After your website is converting a healthy percentage of visitors into customers, we can move onto a profitable pay per click campaign where we reach your entire audience with an excellent return on ad spend.

Warning! You do not have to pay us for website fixing. You can fix your website yourself or get someone else to fix it, just keep in mind that the work needs to be done PROPERLY, please do not hire the wrong people who will do poor quality work, otherwise you will not see the results you want and you will cause yourself long term problems!

Every week we hear stories from people who paid a cheap, unskilled developer to fix their website, and that developer destroyed their entire business. They then have to pay exponentially more to get everything fixed properly plus to remove their Google penalty. Be smart, pay an expert to get it done right the first time.

Consider this: would you rather spend many years learning all the many moving parts of digital marketing, or would you rather hire qualified experts to help you, so that you can focus on your paying customers?

Look at some of the tools we use, can you master them?

Google search console
Google analytics
Google search
Icaan whois
Answer the public
Google keyword planner
Google trends
Google business profile
+ More

Our team is incredibly good at what we do and we care about your goal. Our team has been featured in over 100 respected speaking events, trade shows, college lectures, tv and podcast interviews since 1995.

Each of our team members have up to date training, certifications and experience in computer science, SEO, CRO, PPC, and digital marketing. We will handle your project the right way so that you can enjoy the results you want with no troubles.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. All of the work we do for you is high quality, done properly and will never cause you trouble with search engines or other companies.

We were founded in December 1995. When we got our first office at 100 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke, most of our customers were local, so they would come over with tea, pizza, donuts etc. We would often feel more like a “cafe” than an office. Today our clients are all over the world.

The reason we mention the above is because we still have great relationships with many of our clients from those early days. We've seen businesses grow and succeed, some of them sold for a huge profit or handed over to (grown) children.

Since 1995 we've attended some of our client's weddings, anniversary parties (we've even been to a 65 year wedding anniversary party) and unfortunately funerals. We've celebrated with some of our client's who gave birth to children and watched some of those children grow into young adults. We've babysat some of our client's children. Yes, some of our clients trust us that much! We've watched some of those children grow up and take over the family business and we work with them now.

Do you think you can get that level of depth with just anyone?

Yes. We have many website designers who re-sell our digital marketing services to their clients for multiple times what we charge. We deal directly with you. We send white-label reports to you, which you can forward to your clients.

Start with a free consultation. We'll then figure out how to reach your goal using your budget in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

No, not anymore.

In the past, we allowed everyone to sign up automatically and without a consultation. The result of that was many thousands of sign ups from all kinds of companies all over the world, including some people we could not help.

We learned that the clients who saw the greatest results were those who went through our process of an initial consultation, they did exponentially better, so now we ask everyone to go through that initial consult. The results have been fantastic!

You will move up in search engines every month until you are number 1. The speed will depend on which service plan you are on but keep in mind that no matter what, it does take a lot of time to get to that number 1 spot. If it was fast and easy, wouldn't everyone do it?

How many people are searching for what you offer? If 10,000 people per month are searching for what you offer, then 10,000 is the maximum number of visitors you’ll get each month. If only 50 people per month are searching for what you offer, then you’ll get around 50 visits.

First comes rankings, then comes traffic and then revenue. Remember you also want to convert those visitors into paying customers, so quality of traffic and website is key!

We will build high quality backlinks to your website. The amount depends on which service plan you're on.

Backlinks are merely 1 important part of SEO, and SEO has hundreds of important parts.

Link building takes time. A long time. The better your website = the better your backlinks. We always aim for quality over quantity. Some of our clients end up with 100 quality backlinks after 1 year with us, others end up with more than 1,000.

There are several factors to take into consideration. If your website is terrible you can end up with zero backlinks because nobody wants to link to you, although this is rare. So having a great website with valuable content will dramatically increase your chances of having a better backlink profile.

Domain authority usually goes up a few points every year, as long as you do everything correctly. Read this Wikipedia article to learn more.

Google "Paris tour guide", our client is on page 1 and enjoys over 300 new monthly customers. Same thing for Bangkok (Thailand) and Cairo (Egypt). Do you want results like that?

Do you understand the value of working with the right team?