Frequently Asked Questions

We work with people and companies of any size (startup, small, medium and large) and in any country as long as the website is in the English language.

We're a digital marketing agency and our services include:

SEO Consulting: we show and tell you everything that needs to be done in order to reach your goal of top keyword rankings, traffic and revenue.

Website Design: we build or fix your website so that it looks and performs perfectly and stays in compliance with Google's constantly updated algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): we rank your website for many important keywords in Google and other major search engines.

Conversion Rate Optimization: we convert more of your website visitors into actual paying customers.

Google Ads: we build and manage your Google Ads pay per click campaign include keywords, copy and research.

Other digital marketing

We're a small business headquarted in Toronto Ontario Canada, we serve business clients worldwide. We also have key team members who frequently travel the world, working by day and volunteering with orphans at night.

This mostly depends on your budget and the size and scope of your project.

SEO Consult: Less than 1 week in most cases, depending on how much research we need to do.

Website Design: We can build or fix your website in 30 days in most cases, as long as you are not constantly requesting more changes. If you are constantly requesting more changes, it will take longer.

SEO: You'll enjoy monthly progress once we get to the SEO stage. First comes keyword rankings, then traffic, and finally revenue. From there you can quickly scale up. SEO is a slow process with a massive ROI so do expect to move up a few spots in search results every month, but don't expect to be number one right away! We'll give you a full timeline during our SEO consultation.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process that never really ends, we are always fine tuning to increase the percentage of people who do business with you instead of leaving your website. So for example on day 1, your conversion rate might be 1% (meaning 1 out of every 100 visitors becomes your customer). Your conversion rate will go up to 2, 3, 4, 5% etc until it cannot go up anymore.

Google Ads: Google Ads is very fast, it will take us about 10 days to setup your campaign and the results start immediately after and we continue to refine as time goes on. Keep in mind, Google Ads works best after your website has been properly tuned, after you have strong SEO and a strong conversion rate.

Our team is incredibly good at digital marketing and we care about your business goal. Our team has been featured in over 100 respected speaking events, trade shows, college lectures, tv and podcast interviews since 1995.

Each of our team members have up to date training, certifications and experience in computer science, website design, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Google Ads, and other digital marketing. We will handle your project the right way so that you can enjoy the results you want with no stress.

We were founded in December 1995. When we got our first office at 100 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada, most of our customers were local, so they would come over with tea, pizza, donuts etc. We would often feel more like a “cafe” than an office. Today our clients are all over the world.

The reason we mention the above is because we still have great relationships with many of our clients from those early days. We've seen businesses grow and succeed, some of them sold for a huge profit or handed over to (grown) children.

Since 1995 we've attended some of our client's weddings, anniversary parties (we've even been to a 65 year wedding anniversary party) and unfortunately funerals. We've celebrated with some of our client's who gave birth to children and watched some of those children grow into young adults. We've babysat some of our client's children. Yes, some of our clients trust us that much! We've watched some of those children grow up and take over the family business and we work with them now.

Do you think you can get that level of depth with just anyone?

Start by telling us about your business or business idea. If we can help you we'll setup a full SEO consultation. We'll then figure out how to reach your goal using your budget in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Our pricing is in line with any expert SEO person or agency.

Google "Paris tour guide", our client is on page 1 and enjoys over 300 new monthly customers. Same thing for Bangkok (Thailand) and Cairo (Egypt). Do you want results like that?

Do you understand the value of working with the right team?