Frequently Asked Questions

What will you do for my business?
We will make your website popular so you gain search engine rankings, website traffic and new paying customers. We do a lot for your business that all revolves around SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization). Our AI (artificial intelligence) does most of the work, our team steps in when required and all you need to do is keep your website up to date.

I'm a website designer, can I use this service for my many clients?
Yes, we work with many website designers and digital marketers who offer SEO services to their clients, then outsource the work to us.

What results should I expect?
Every business is different. So every business will see results and progress differently, some take longer than others. Great results don’t happen overnight but you will see gradual, reliable ranking results every month. You won’t be number 1 overnight. You won’t see increases in traffic overnight. You won’t see increases in sales overnight. Some clients come to us and they are on page 20 while others come to us already on page 2. So different clients will enjoy great results sooner than others.

My website is not in English can you help?
Yes as long as you speak English we can help you. We service websites in any country and in any language however please note: our staff only provides customer service in English and your Dashboard and account management are only provided in English. This means that if you contact our staff, we will only be able to speak to you and provide you with help in English.

How can I pay?
We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa and MasterCard. We also accept PayPal. You will be charged automatically each month in USD unless you cancel. Your transactions are 100% secure.

Can I cancel anytime?
You can cancel anytime for any reason. Log in to your account. Click “Profile” then click “Billing” then click “Cancel”. We are also free to cancel your account anytime if we cannot help you.

What kind of customer service can I expect?
We are here to help you! You can log into your Dashboard anytime to view reports which are updated daily. You can email us. You can do a live chat with us. You can call us or schedule a call. We are very friendly and you will enjoy working with us. We are very passionate about what we do and we want you to succeed in business.

How much traffic do you think I can get?
How many people are searching for what you offer? If 10,000 people per month are searching for what you offer, then 10,000 is the maximum number of visitors you’ll get each month. If only 50 people per month are searching for what you offer, then you’ll get around 50 visits. First comes rankings, then comes traffic and then sales. Remember you want to also convert those visitors into paying customers, so you must have a good product or service.

How many backlinks do you think I can get?
Backlinks are merely 1 part of SEO, and SEO can be a big puzzle with many parts. Link Building takes time. A long time. The better your website = the better your backlinks. We always aim for quality over quantity. Some of our clients end up with 25 quality backlinks after 1 year with us, others end up with more than 500 after one year with us. There are several factors to take into consideration. If your website is terrible you can end up with zero backlinks because nobody wants to link to you, this is rare.