Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Please read the how it works page and if you still don't understand, contact us.

Who does your service work for?
Our digital marketing service works well for businesses that offer a good product or service that people want.

Will you fix / build my website?
Yes, please select the appropriate Add-on from your Dashboard or contact us for pricing.

How long will it take to rank number 1 in Google search results?
You will move up gradually each month until you reach the number one spot. You won’t be number 1 overnight. You won’t see increases in traffic overnight. You won’t see increases in sales overnight. Some clients come to us and they are on page 300 of Google while others come to us already on page 3 of Google. Some clients have only a few competitors and other clients have hundreds. Stick with us for at least 12 months and you will succeed if you offer a good product or service.

How much traffic will I get?
How many people are searching for what you offer? If 10,000 people per month are searching for what you offer, then 10,000 is the maximum number of visitors you’ll get each month. If only 50 people per month are searching for what you offer, then you’ll get around 50 visits. First comes rankings, then comes traffic and then sales. Remember you want to also convert those visitors into paying customers, so you must have a good product or service.

How many backlinks will I get?
Backlinks are merely 1 part of SEO, and SEO can be a big complicated puzzle with many parts. Link Building takes time. A long time. The better your website = the better your backlinks. We always aim for quality over quantity. Some of our clients end up with 25 quality backlinks after 1 year with us, others end up with more than 500 after one year with us. There are several factors to take into consideration. If your website is terrible you can end up with zero because nobody wants to link to you.

How can I progress faster?
When your business (and budget) starts to grow you can further speed up and improve your results by purchasing optional Add-ons from your Dashboard, these Add-ons are built to scale you up faster and stronger so that you totally dominate your entire market. You also earn big discounts towards Add-ons the longer you're with us so many members get them free.

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