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First digital marketing company in Canada

Founded December 1995
We are one of the very first Digital Marketing companies in Canada.

Our first clients
Energy Lake Kung Fu (Now called Beyond Kung Fu) was our very first paying client, then Access Route Canada (an ISP) which turned into Idirect which was purchased by Look Communications.

AI chat room 1996
We developed and operated one of the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chat rooms, users could dial into our BBS (using the Renegade platform) and talk via keyboard-text to our AI and it would respond with simple but smart conversation. It was mostly a research project but it grew to hundreds of monthly users.

First office 1997
We started at as home based business on Clara Drive in Mississauga Ontario Canada and then moved to 100 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke Ontario. This 1,000 Sq Ft office allowed us to have a lot of customers visit daily without angering our neighbors lol.

Sweaty clients 1998
One of our clients named CompuWhiz grew from $0 to $3,500,000 annual revenue. The owner would visit our office covered in sweat, that guy knew how to work hard, his wife would beg us to convince him to take days off.

Biggest client 1999
NCR was our largest client in the 90's, they had an office near our 100 Westmore location. Look them up online.

Dot com crash 2001
We lost a bunch of big clients and partners in the dot com crash including Etoys, Excite, Geocities, Infoseek, Altavista and Scribble.

You sell what? 2010
Our clients from all over the world sell everything you can imagine, from hot air balloon rides to luxury tree houses, everyday we take on new clients who amaze us with their creativity.

Today 2020
We are incredibly good at what we do and we are OBSESSED with your business success.

Back in 1995, you could build a simple website, submit it to search engines and in a few weeks be easily found and gain customers with very little effort, because there wasn’t much competition. Things are much different now.

In the 90's most of our clients were local businesses. They would bring over a pizza and we would have a lot of fun together. We’ve helped a lot of people reach their goals.

Today our specialty is working with small businesses, sometimes referred to as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. Most of our clients are in the USA followed by UK, Australia, Canada and then worldwide. We promote almost every kind of website you can imagine in any language.