Our team of super-nerds are experts at digital marketing and super fun to work with.

We love helping people all over the world.


We donate a portion of our earnings toward life-improving charity work worldwide. Kiva is just one of several organizations we support. From entrepreneurs to orphanages, we're doing our part.


Our long track record also includes supporting and promoting over 200 Kickstarter projects which have raised over 1,000% of their goal. It creates innovation and thousands of jobs worldwide.

If our values line up with yours, we should work together.

You worked hard to get where you are. We understand that because we did too. We will manage your website as if it was our own. We are trustworthy so we manage your digital marketing budget as if it was our own. That means we aim to achieve a great return on your investment.

We aim to be friendly towards you. This means treating you with kindness and respect. It also means telling you the truth, for example if you're making a bad decision regarding your online strategy, we'll tell you what we think.

You will find us to be extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and competent. You'll sleep better at night knowing that we are on your side.

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Our story from December 1995 to today.

Founded December 1995
We started in a bedroom at 3440 Clara Drive in Mississauga. We were one of the first companies in Canada offering websites and digital marketing, the internet was still very new but catching on fast.

Our first client
Energy Lake Kung Fu was our first paying client, we got them so many new students they had to expand their school several times over. Their growth happened so fast it sparked a spin off called Beyond Kung Fu Studios which is still going strong today. The owner of Energy Lake passed away in 2013 and his original school was discontinued. We miss you, Mr. Costa!

Artificial Intelligence chat room 1996
We developed and operated one of the first AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chat rooms, users could dial into our BBS (using the Renegade platform) and talk via keyboard-text to our AI and it would respond with simple but smart conversation for hours. It was mostly our research project but it grew to hundreds of regular monthly users.

First office 1997
We moved to 100 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke Ontario. This office space allowed us to have a lot of clients visit us daily without angering our neighbors lol.

Sweaty clients 1998
One of our clients, CompuWhiz grew from $0 to $3,500,000 annual revenue. The owner would visit our office covered in sweat from working too hard, his wife would beg us to convince him to take days off, which we were never able to successfully do. Today they are wealthy, retired and enjoying life travelling.

First massive client 1999
Some people from NCR walked through our door (they had an office across the parking lot) and just started asking us questions about computers. Look them up, if you've ever used an ATM machine anywhere in the world, it was most likely built by NCR.

First offer to sell the company 2000
We were offered $300,000 CAD to sell the company. The offer actually made us angry and happy at the same time.

Dot com crash 2001
We lost a lot of huge clients and partners in the dot com crash including Pets.com, Webvan and Scribble.

Our 100th client 2003
The world keeps spinning right? We continued to press on and gained our 100th client.

A client wants to pay us with this new thing called Bitcoin 2012
Yes, we accepted his offer :)

You sell what? 2014
Our hundreds of great clients from all over the world sell everything you can imagine, from hot air balloon rides to luxury tree houses, every week we take on a new client who amazes us with their creativity.

Second offer to sell the company 2019
An American competitor offers to buy us for $6 Million USD. We declined, because first of all we're having too much fun helping our clients and we think we're worth a little bit more.

More offers come in 2021
Nathan Latka values us at around $15 Million USD and new purchase offers start coming in.

We are so grateful to work with amazing people and companies from all over the world. Thank you so much for trusting us with your digital marketing needs. We wish you a wonderful future!

Google "San Antonio auto repair", our client is on page 1 and enjoys over 800 new monthly customers. Same thing for Osaka (Japan) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Do you want results like that?

Our team has decades of experience, up to date skills and a long verifiable track record of success.