What's your goal?

We are incredibly good at what we do and we are OBSESSED with your success. We’ve been in business since December 1995 when the internet was just a baby.

Back then you could build a simple website, submit it to search engines and in a few weeks be easily found and gain customers with very little effort because there wasn’t much competition. Things are much different now.

We started out as a home business on Clara Drive, Malton, Ontario Canada. In 1997 we moved into our first office at 100 Westmore Drive in Etobicoke. Quick Fact: In 1996 we operated one of the internet’s first radio stations and we had hundreds of daily listeners, it was really cool. Most of our clients were local businesses back then. They would bring over a pizza and we would have a lot of fun together. We’ve helped a lot of people reach their goals.

Our specialty is working with new / small businesses, sometimes referred to as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. Most of our clients are in the USA followed by UK, Australia, Canada and then worldwide. We promote almost every kind of website you can imagine in any language. If you’ve tried to do SEO yourself then you know how difficult it is, our team will make it easy for you.

Hailey was born in London Ontario and now lives in Toronto. She started her first business at the age of 10 running errands for her busy neighbors. She's an expert at SEO and our clients love her. You can connect with her via LiveChat or Support Tickets from your member Dashboard. Her favorite thing to do is send Christmas presents to orphans through Operation Christmas Child.
Joshua was born in India and he moved to Canada in 2009. He's a code expert, he can do anything in HTML / CSS / PHP / JS / PYTHON / SQL. He plays soccer and when he's not dreaming about code he dreams of scoring the winning goal in the World Cup. Joshua enjoys structural engineering and watches every episode of Shark Tank and Dragon's Den.
Desiree was born in Canada. She speaks English, French, Spanish and some Romanian. She's a self-taught ukulele player and incredibly good at visual art. During the day she helps make your website popular and at night she watches Anime. Desiree has won several speed-eating contests. You can connect directly with Desiree through LiveChat or Support Tickets.
Jeff started his own company at the age of 7 buying and reselling candy at school to support his family. He has helped build 14 orphanages worldwide. In his spare time, he loves Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and a good cup of tea. You'll find him working hard (and sometimes goofing around) in Toronto. If you see him, please do not bring up taxation or Game of Thrones because once you get him started on the subject he won't shut up. He still hasn't given us a good head shot to post so please remind him.
Cindy started working with us in 2001, you probably know her as the always-happy country girl (born in Bancroft Ontario). She loves country music and is good with a bow and arrow. Even though she's been with us since 2001 she still hasn't given the web team her photo. If she doesn't give us one soon we'll use the picture of her stuffing birthday cake in her mouth from last years Christmas party.
Everyone Else
Steve, Noah, Aiden, Nathan, Emma, Amanda, Riley, Julie and everyone else. We work with a passionate team of sweet people who are here to help you succeed in business. We can fix your website, design it from scratch, make it rank #1 in Google search and convert more of your visitors into actual paying customers.
We are always on the lookout for talented people, reach out to us if by email if you have experience and skill.