Chicago Rot, The Movie

Narrative Film This narrative horror-thriller is a film based in Chicago. It brings in elements of the supernatural and is about the underlying corruptness of Chicago. In this narrative, a wrongfully imprisoned inmate is sent to seek out the man responsible for killing his mother and stealing his soul. The main backdrop is Chicago’s maze
Ann Arbor, MichiganFood This is a very fun exciting project. The idea is a food cart that will be displayed at a food cart courtyard. The food brought to the public will be Spanish, but not only that, there will be social aspects of Spain in the mix as well. The theme is relaxed but

3D Printing and Porcelain

Kansas City, MissouriSculpture The artist / entrepreneur desires to raise publicity to then raise money to purchase a 3D printer. This printer will print plastic art forms that are original and that will be reproduced using other materials such as porcelain. These plastic designs will help the artist make items such as cups and plates

Covr Photo

Bellevue, WashingtonHardware This patent-pending iPhone case, with a built in lens, enables the user to take pictures with one hand, and is also an accessory for the smartphone. Overflow Cafe promotes many popular hardware designs.