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It all starts with an SEO consultation. You'll receive a comprehensive video presentation for your website including your current keyword rankings, search engine traffic, backlinks, competitors, and more. We'll tell you exactly what needs to be done in order for you to reach your business goal. You can do it yourself, hire someone or hire us if you want to. Then we'll talk by phone or video-call to work out the details.

Monthly Progress

If you decide to hire us after the consultation, we'll start by fixing your website properly. Then SEO to improve your keyword rankings and traffic. Then we move onto conversion rate optimization to convert more of those website visitors into paying customers. Optionally we can scale up using Google Ads to reach your entire audience across all platforms in the most profitable manner possible.

Reach your goals

Your website will move up in rankings, traffic and revenue each month. You'll receive several useful progress reports each month, some from our team and some from Google. Those reports cover the key performance indicators that you care about such as keyword rankings, website traffic, backlinks, revenue and more.

Our clients are reaching their goals


Miami Lawyer
"After the first consultation, I was confident that this would be a success. Overflow Cafe has been with me every step of the way, guiding me towards my desired case and revenue goal. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, we were able to achieve our goals faster than I expected. Our client base has grown beyond what we initially thought possible."

Before: $185,000 annual revenue
After: $930,000 annual revenue

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Overflow Cafe review by James


Las Vegas General Contractor
"Jeff not only built my new website, but he also wrote 375 high-ranking blog articles for me. As a result, I am now receiving a stream of good leads every month. Thanks to Jeff's efforts, I have been able to win more of the jobs that I bid on. Additionally, my overhead costs have decreased while my profit margins have increased."

Before: $0 revenue / startup
After: $5,100,000 annual revenue

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Wedding Photographer
"When we approached Overflow, we were ranking for 11 unproductive keywords. However, after Jeff expertly rebuilt our website and optimized our content, we now rank for 1,450 valuable keywords. After his work, we have seen a significant increase in bookings without the need for paid ads. This has greatly improved our overall performance."

Before: $35,000 annual revenue
After: $225,000 annual revenue

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Edmonton Car Dealership
"I approached Jeff at Overflow with the goal of modernizing our website and increasing its ranking on Google Maps. His efforts went beyond my expectations. Our website traffic skyrocketed from 180 monthly views to over 4,000 and counting. This success would not have been possible without Overflow Cafe and Jeff's team."

Before: 90 monthly dealership lot visits
After: 425 monthly dealership lot visits

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Our track record includes over 200 kickstarters which have raised over 1,000% of their goal

Our team is incredibly good at digital marketing. We've been featured in over 100 respected trade shows, tv and podcast interviews since 1995.

We run our own portfolio of succesful affiliate and display advertising sites and we donate a significant portion of the revenue generated to helping orphans.

We've been nominated and have won awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, best Digital Marketing Agency in Ontario, and Top SEO Agency in Canada.

We have thousands of wonderful clients all over the world who sell all kinds of products and services. From therapists to hot air balloon rides, whatever it is you do, we hope to work with you soon.

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Google "hair salon New York City", our client is on page 1 and enjoys over 2,000 monthly appointments. Same thing for Tokyo (Japan) and Jakarta (Indonasia). Do you want results like that?

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