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Choose your target settings like what geographical area(s) you want to target, ages, competitors, social media hashtags and much more. It's fast and easy.

We do most of the work

We do most of the hard work for you, all you do is keep your website up to date (don't worry we help with this also by giving you easy to understand to-do lists).

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Every month your search engine rankings will improve, you will gain more quality traffic and new customers.

12 great benefits to make your website succeed

AI does most of the work for you

This is our main feature and reason why most of our clients love us. AI does hundreds of small daily tasks for you, saving you a fortune in both time and money. It will bump up your website rankings on a (mostly) monthly basis until you're #1 in search engine results for your products and services.

Profitable content suggestions

Your Dashboard will tell you what kinds of content drives traffic to you and to your competitors and what content you can rank for and what opportunities you may have overlooked. It breaks things down into easy-to-understand phrases that you can quickly add to your website pages, blog and social media.

Easy to understand progress reports

Find out your rankings, traffic and potential-sales metrics. See what your competitors are doing better than you, and what keywords are driving traffic to your website plus more. Currently 10 useful, easy to understand report widgets are on your Dashboard and we are constantly adding more based on user feedback.

Advanced reports

Contact us and we'll generate them for you. We have access to all the major data providers so we can generate custom advanced reports for you or your developer anytime. Get insights into your competitors strategies in display advertising, organic, paid search, link building and more.

22 super nerds at your service

We are well trained, certified, hard working super nerds who want to help you reach your business goals. We use brain power + data from all the best data providers to do great work for you. Live-chat, email, phone, video-chat and sometimes in person. We've been featured in over 100 interviews.

Your website will be perfect

We do most of the work for you but we also give you work to do on your website so that you outshine your competition. Easy to understand to do lists that you can do called Website Audit Reports. You can even audit your competitors and see a side by side comparison of how to outrank them right away.

Unlimited keywords

We will rank you for words and phrases people are searching, that actually deliver paying customers to your website. See what people are searching for in Google, Youtube and Amazon. When you're ready, you can move onto more advanced keyword research that covers your website from every angle.

Verifiable keyword tracking

After you've determined which keywords make you the most money, it's time to track them in detail. Track 25 phrases in great detail, track any country and language, see vital statistics like competition size, monthly search volume and more. It's extremely simple and fast to do.

Quality backlinks

Earning quality backlinks is extremely time-consuming. We’ve got it down to a science. We start with easy to obtain backlinks and as you gain domain authority we aim for harder ones. Each backlink boosts your rankings which in turn gets more traffic to your website. Guaranteed high health scores!

Toxic link removal

Toxic backlinks are links from other websites that weaken your website's SEO. This means lower rankings and traffic for you. Ultimately it lowers your revenue. Toxic backlinks can happen naturally or they can be the result of competitors trying to hurt you. We detect and remove them daily.

Optional add-ons

Add-ons are completely optional. We can build / fix your website, write content, manage focus-group studies, setup your social media and more. Add-ons are usually purchased by our clients who have grown to the point where they have larger budgets.

We do much more for you

You also get virus checking, malware checking, blacklist removal. We do hundreds of things for you behind the scenes to boost your website rankings, traffic and sales. We also add dozens of new features every year.

92% success rate with 50,000 websites

8% of our clients do not succeed


$250K Annual sales
Jason comes to your home and cleans the inside and outside of your car with his own equipment, making it look brand new. He started with a nice website but no visitors or sales. We progressively moved his website rankings and sales up almost every month until he was page 1, spot 1 in search results for 37 phrases. It took 15 months.


$60K Annual sales
Dwayne runs a travel blog that earns affiliate income. He started with 250 monthly visitors and an 80% bounce rate, average time on site of 12 seconds. We got him to 16,000 monthly visitors, 45% bounce rate and his average visitor spends 8 minutes 50 seconds on his site and many make a purchase before leaving. He has a large number of return visitors. It took 14 months.


$1.1M Annual sales
Jennifer has a Shopify store selling clothing and accessories that she buys in bulk. She started with 38 backlinks and $400 monthly sales. We explained to her that clothing brands take a lot more time to gain steam. She currently has more than 500 quality backlinks and ranks page 1, spot 1 for many clothing related phrases. It took 21 months.


$320K Annual sales
Clare will plan your perfect wedding and reception anywhere in the world. She started with a terrible website so we had to rebuild it from scratch. It was getting less than 50 visitors monthly and no clients. Once we rebuilt the site her rankings moved up rapidly. Her conversion rate went from less than 1% to now 12% which is much higher than average. It took 16 months.

Building a business is hard. We can help you succeed.

$30 USD monthly, cancel anytime. All you have to do is keep your website up to date.