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Rank #1 in Google with white hat SEO

Search Engine Optimization for small business

SEO powered by artificial intelligence

Dominate desktop searches, mobile searches, social media feeds, image search, video search and voice. Our Ai bridges the gap between your website and major search engines automating hundreds of small daily SEO tasks to bump up your rankings on a monthly basis until you're #1.

  • Target locations
  • Target specific groups
  • Target languages
  • Target #hashtags
  • Up to date white-hat SEO

Complete SEO from start to finish

Sign up and we will start working for you. A team of 22 hard working super nerds on your side, helping you reach your business goals and providing quality support. We use brain power + data from all the best data providers to do great work for you so that you succeed in business.

  • Telephone support
  • LiveChat
  • Email support
  • In person meetings
  • Skype video meetings

Unlimited keywords

People are searching for your products and services. What are they typing? Will they find you? Don't waste your time trying to rank for words and phrases that don't matter. We will rank you for words and phrases that actually deliver paying customers to your website.

  • Unlimited keyword suggestions
  • Unlimited keyword promotion
  • Track 10 phrases in great detail
  • Track any country
  • Track Google / Yahoo / Bing

Quality backlinks pointing to your website

Getting quality white hat backlinks is extremely time-consuming. We’ve got it down to a science. We start with easy to obtain backlinks and as you gain domain authority we aim for harder ones. Each backlink boosts your rankings which in turn gets more traffic to your website.

  • Quality backlink creation
  • Toxic backlink removal (very important)
  • Content aggregator sites
  • Social media links
  • Guaranteed high health scores

We do most of the work for you

We do most of the work for you but we also give you some work to do on your website. Easy to understand to do lists that you can do at your leisure called Website Audit Reports. You can even audit your competitors and see a side by side comparison of how to outrank them right away.

  • Unlimited website audit reports
  • Audit your competitors
  • Easy to understand checklists
  • Useful information only
  • We can implement the fixes (extra $)

Super duper easy to understand reports

Building a business is hard. We'll help by moving your website upward in search engines so that you gain traffic and customers. Everyday your dashboard is updated with easy to understand reports. Need advanced level reporting? No problem, just contact us and we'll generate them for you.

  • You vs competitors
  • Website visibility
  • Website power
  • Ranking trend
  • Much much more

Optional add-ons for stronger growth

When your business starts to grow you can further improve your results by purchasing optional add-ons from your Dashboard, these add-ons are built to scale you up faster and stronger so that you totally dominate your entire market. Half of our clients buy add-ons, half of our clients do not.

  • Fix your website issues
  • Social proof
  • Influencer outreach
  • Media placements
  • Much much more!

45,000+ clients winning at business

Jason, USA

#1 rankings for 37 keywords
"I started out nowhere to be found. With Overflow Cafe SEO I have moved up in Google every month for my keywords and after 15 months I rank on page 1 spot 1 for 37 important phrases. I dominate search engine results for mobile and onsite car cleaning and detailing services for my city to the point where competitors are asking me for partnerships."

Dwayne, USA

16,000+ monthly visitors
"Before Overflow Cafe my travel website had 250 monthly visitors with a 80% bounce rate and average time on site of 12 seconds. After 14 months my monthly visits are over 16,000 with a 45% bounce rate and average time on site of 8 minutes 50 seconds. You can't achieve that yourself. I'm booking multiple sales everyday."

Jennifer, Canada

490+ quality backlinks
"Overflow Cafe was upfront with me from the start and helped me to have realistic expectations for my Shopify store (retail apparel). I started on day one with 38 backlinks and at 21 months I now have close to 500 good ones. I rank page 1 spot 1 for most of my products and sales are growing monthly. Best customer service ever!"

Clare, UK

Too many new customers
"I'm a wedding planner and all that matters to me is booking more weddings and Overflow Cafe SEO helped me scale up my business faster than anything else I've done. I'm actually turning down weddings now because I don't have enough time to do them all. My website conversion rate went from less than 1% to 12% after 16 months which is amazing."
Any business, any language, any country, any platform


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