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Jason, Car Detailing

Jason comes to your home and cleans the inside and outside of your car with his own equipment, making it look brand new. He started with a nice website but no visitors or sales. We progressively moved his website rankings and sales up almost every month until he was page 1, spot 1 in search results for 37 phrases. It took 15 months.

Dwayne, Travel Blog

Dwayne runs a travel blog that earns affiliate income. He started with 250 monthly visitors and an 80% bounce rate, average time on site of 12 seconds. We got him to 16,000 monthly visitors, 45% bounce rate and his average visitor spends 8 minutes 50 seconds on his site and many make a purchase before leaving. He has a large number of return visitors. It took 14 months.

Jennifer, Shopify Store

Jennifer has a Shopify store selling clothing and accessories that she buys in bulk. She started with 38 backlinks and $400 monthly sales. We explained to her that clothing brands take a lot more time to gain steam. She currently has more than 500 quality backlinks and ranks page 1, spot 1 for many clothing related phrases. It took 21 months.

Clare, Wedding Planner

Clare will plan your perfect wedding and reception anywhere in the world. She started with a terrible website so we had to rebuild it from scratch. It was getting less than 50 visitors monthly and no clients. Once we rebuilt the site her rankings moved up rapidly. Her conversion rate went from less than 1% to now 12% which is much higher than average. It took 16 months.

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