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Google Lighthouse

When your business is earning good money then we recommend you purchase this add-on. We'll get you scoring at least 80/100 and in many cases 90/100 in Google Lighthouse: Performance, Accessibility, Progressive web apps, and Mobile. For those of you who understand what this means then you know how hard this is.

You can run Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools, from the command line, or as a Node module. You give Lighthouse a URL to audit, it runs a series of audits against the page, and then it generates a report on how well the page did. From there, use the failing audits as indicators on how to improve the page. Each audit has a reference doc explaining why the audit is important, as well as how to fix it. Our team will handle everything and if possible please give us full root access to your web server if you are on a dedicated or vps.

Time to complete: 60 days
Limitations: English sites only
Fee Schedule: One time
Warranty: Lifetime

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