Step 1: Establish

We start with a custom plan for your website.

There are over 200 factors involved in ranking #1 in search engines. We use modern science and hard work to make your website popular so that you rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for your products and services, for your keywords. You will eventually gain quality website traffic and more paying customers.

When you sign up with us, we start by scanning through your entire website in great detail to find out everything we can about your website. Your current rankings, your traffic, how much time people spend on your website, who your competitors are and more. We pick up all your keywords and check for errors (don't worry, every website in the world has errors). Our expert SEO team will then create an effective SEO plan tailored to your website (which we fine tune monthly). We will email you a few hours after you sign up to let you know that your project is started and what to expect next. We keep it simple, step by step and stress free. You can sign up and leave us to do our work, or participate in the process, it's up to you.

- We will scan your website daily performing a 100+ point inspection, if there's a problem you'll be notified. We also scan your top competitors and show you how you perform compared to them. You'll always be one step ahead of them.

- We can target local, national or international visitors, whichever you need.

- You can make as many changes to your website as you want we automatically pick them up.

- We follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines for quality white hat SEO so you always get quality work (click to learn more).

- Each month you'll notice that your search engine rankings are moving up. Eventually you'll be #1 for your products, services and keywords.

- From day 1 you'll have an easy to understand Dashboard you can log into anytime to view what's happening. We pull data from several trusted sources so you don't need to subscribe to every service out there, just Overflow Cafe.

- Our team is available to help you Monday through Friday but you'll notice that our service is so straight forward that you will rarely ever have to contact us.

Step 2: On Page SEO

Google will love your website more than your competitors.

Every website in the world can benefit from improvement, so we'll give you an easy to understand, line by line list of what to do to improve yours, it's called a Website Audit Report and it's our customer's favorite feature because it takes away all the guess work and saves you years of frustration. You'll end up with a better website that converts visitors into paying customers plus you'll outshine your competition. All of your web pages, products and services will show up properly in search engine results and you'll look great.

But looking great isn't the only important factor, you want your visitors to actually do business with you. On-Page SEO is the practice of optimizing every element of your website. This includes title tags, descriptions, content, navigation menus, page speed, and interlinking, among other elements. We make it extremely easy, you'll get a line by line list of what to do and you can send that list to your website designer or we can recommend a website designer but we don't perform these design changes for you, it is your responsibility, and you don't even have to do the changes if you don't want to. Half of our clients do, half of our clients don't, it's up to you.

There are quite a number of best-practices that make it easier for google and other search engines to understand and rank your website pages. We'll make sure you get the highest scores every time.

Keywords are words that your potential customers are typing into google: you need to make sure those words exist on your website. Why would you rank for phrase that doesn't exist on your website? We will provide you with a list of everything your potential customers are typing into google search and you can run unlimited keyword suggestion reports, and then all you have to do is add those keywords into your website content. You'll end up ranking #1 for those words and phrases so we'll help you choose carefully. This is very important because you want to rank for keywords that will actually make you money, and we are experts at this.

SEO is always changing. You focus on your business and we'll focus on SEO, saving you well over 100 hours each month. We are always on top of the newest, best, proven SEO practices that are search engine approved to ensure our clients reach their business goals.

- We'll help you build quality content with the right keywords that search engines love to rank high.

- You can run unlimited Website Audit Reports and even audit your competitors.

- Your visitors will stay on your website longer.

- More of your visitors will buy from you instead of simply leaving.

- We will give you unlimited keyword suggestions so you rank for keywords that make money.

- We will promote unlimited keywords and unlimited web pages for you.

- You keep your website under your full control and there is nothing to download or install.

- You'll notice your traffic will gradually increase after your rankings increase. First comes rankings, then traffic.

Step 3: Be Listed Everywhere

Quality backlinks will boost your rankings and website traffic.

We will match you up with 1,000+ respected websites related to your business, that you need to be listed on in order to succeed. We will contact 100 per month in an attempt to earn a quality backlink for you. Some of these sites will decline you, others will approve you and each approval equals a powerful backlink to increase your website traffic and boost your rankings. Again, quality is key, we don't aim for big numbers but instead, quality and authority, so we hand pick our backlink opportunities and we aim for strong, permanent results.

We guarantee a high quality score! You'll be listed everywhere your competitors are and be easily found by everyone looking for what you offer. Potential customers will begin to find you first (instead of your competitors) and find you more often so you'll make more sales.

If nobody knows your website exists then how will you succeed in business? We solve that issue. Imagine you were in a room filled with thousands of people, and every person in that room was pointing at you. That's what link-building is, it's getting a lot of other websites pointing to you and saying good stuff about you, and we handle that. Google and other search engines are looking for credibility and you'll gain this if other people online are saying good things and linking to you.

You need a smart and competent SEO team like Overflow Cafe that knows the difference between high quality links and bad-quality spammy links so that you can always look great in search engines. If your website has great content (for example an excellent blog, or an excellent about-us page, chances are we can get you tons of traffic that converts into sales).

This isn't pay-per-click, this is SEO and it takes time, it's actually very slow at the beginning, even though you'll see monthly rankings results that won't translate into traffic and sales increases until after you hit the second or first page of search. So you have to have patience. Let's put it this way, where do you want to be 12 months from now, out of business or in business?

There is also hard work involved on your part, you have to make sure that your website product and service descriptions are fantastic. Put some effort into it. People are searching for what you offer, but you also have competitors who offer something similar so it's your responsibility to keep your website up to date. The more useful your website is, the more customers you'll gain. The Overflow Cafe team will push you ahead of your competitors.

- Of course you'll be listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

- You'll be listed in 300 minor search engines.

- You'll be listed in 500-1,000 content aggregate sites (backlinks backlinks backlinks!).

- You'll be listed in 100-300 local business directories that are related to your business.

- You'll be listed in 100-300 local citation sites.

- You'll be listed in 300-500 social profile sites.

- If you are a local business you will gain top rankings in maps.

Step 4: Protect and Report

You will move up in google rankings every month until you are #1.

Our reports are detailed yet super simple to understand, perfect for beginners. You'll see what we are doing for you, and where your rankings are going (up / down / sideways). You'll be 100% in control. Every 24 hrs your Dashboard is updated with Progress Reports which detail what we have done for you, and where your rankings are. You can log into your Dashboard anytime to see what's happening, track important keywords (updated daily), obtain unlimited keyword suggestions (updated in real time), run unlimited Website Audit Reports (updated in real time) and more! We also email you every week with tips and updates.

- Keep track of your keyword rankings with easy to understand trustworthy reports that are verifiable.

- Easy to understand progress reports with verifiable data from trustworthy 3rd party sources.

- You will gain control over what search engines say about your business.

- We will save you time (and money) so you can focus on building your business.

- English phone support

- Email support

- Live chat support

When you achieve your goal of top rankings, traffic and sales, we will move to a stage of maintaining your great results. Most clients get there in 12 months, others take a lot more, depending on how many competitors they have and how big their market is. If at any time you decide that you don’t need our service, you can click the cancel button on your Dashboard. Overflow Cafe does all of this work behind the scenes while you run your business. We don’t need password access to your website and there is nothing to download or install. Also, when you need help you can contact us and our smart team will provide you with great customer service.

If you signed up with us 12 months ago, your business would probably be #1 in search engines today. Where do you want to be 12 months from now?