Artificial Intelligence

AI does most of the hard work for you, just keep your website up to date.

When you’re ready, please log into your account and select the menu option “AI”.

This is our main feature. AI does hundreds (sometimes thousands) of small daily tasks for you, saving you a fortune in both time and money. It will bump up your website rankings on a (mostly) monthly basis until you’re #1 in search engine results for your products and services, especially if you keep your website up to date. AI gathers valuable data about your website, your competitors, it finds linkbuilding and keyword ranking opportunities, it removes spammy pages that currently outrank you plus more. Try different settings to see what works best for you but please note, some setting changes take days / weeks to take proper effect. Fully up to date with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Website = We work on your home page + all your internal pages. You / we cannot change your URL once your account is active so please make sure you enter the correct website when you sign up.

Objective = First consider what your business goals are and how your website is setup. You can choose between Sales, Leads, Brand Awareness and App Installs.

Sales = people can purchase and pay for products or services on your website.

Leads = people cannot purchase directly from your website, instead they must contact you for an appointment or sales call.

Brand Awareness = you don’t sell or offer any product or service.

App Installs = you have an app on any app platform and want users to learn about and then install your app.

You offer

Products = If you offer physical goods.

Services = If you perform a service.

Both products and services = Both physical goods and services.

Information = If you offer no physical goods and no services but simply an information-only or news website or blog.

Your main product or service = Using 1-5 words, clearly explain what your main product or service is.

Who do you sell to?

Consumers = Your customers are consumers.

Businesses = Your customers are businesses.

Both Consumers and Businesses = This is rare!

Geo-targetting = Select the general area you want to target.

Country = IF you wish to target a specific country otherwise leave blank.

State / Province = IF you wish to target a specific state / province otherwise leave blank.

City = IF you wish to target a specific city otherwise leave blank.

Zip / Postal = IF you wish to target a specific zip / postal code otherwise leave blank.

Target ages = Which age group(s) are most likely to do business or purchase from you?

If you have social media accounts, please enter them accurately. Double check to make sure you’ve entered the correct social media accounts, because these will end up ranking on page 1 of search for your company name and related phrases! Please make sure that your social media bio’s are well written and that they point to your website.

Google Analytics ID = Please make sure your Google Analytics (and Google Search Console) is setup properly so that you can track as much valuable data as possible.

Seed Keywords = Seed keywords are short. They are typically one or two words, without modifiers. A seed keyword might be as simple as “hat.” It is a base, a starting place only. Do not enter long phrases here! Checkout this Moz tutorial for more info.

Hashtags = A hashtag should contain only one word without spaces. No punctuation should be included. Please keep hashtags relevant to your specific products and services, do not use meaningless hashtags like #good #yes #sale #cheap #discount #nice because they will not do you any good. See this Hubspot tutorial for more info.

Competitors = 3 maximum. NO you are NOT competing against Amazon or Microsoft or any large corporation unless you are already a large corporation. Choose a competitor who is no more than 10X your revenue size. Please spend time doing proper competition research to see who you are really competing with. Please do proper competition research before using this feature.

Brick and mortar = Do you have a physical location open to the public like an office or store?

Auto update local listings = If you update the public contact information on your website (business name, address, phone number etc) should we automatically update all of the public information websites that carry your information? There could be hundreds or in some cases thousands of websites that carry your public contact information, this could be a huge time saver for you.

Aggregator = Is your website a giant Directory of other websites? For example is your website like the Yellow Pages or something similar?

Affiliate links = Does your website contain affiliate links? Google treats affiliate sites slightly differently (see Google Webmaster Guidelines Affiliate section) so we need to adjust for this.

Click “Save Settings” and then allow time (weeks or months) for the AI to re-calculate and deliver.